Bright Sparks in Immunology


The aim of this session is to showcase the research of early-career attendees as well as providing them with experience of presenting their work to a large audience. 

This exciting event combines competition with excellent science and networking! It will take place on the afternoon of Monday 2 December, from 12:30 onwards.

We encourage all PhD students/postdocs attending Congress to come along to this event as it will also provide plenty of opportunity to network with peers, and discuss immunology in a friendly atmosphere.

The top three presenters in each session will receive a certificate and prize money of £500, £350 and £150 respectively, and designated the respective ‘Bright Sparks in Immunology’ for 2019.

Brights Sparks in Immunology (PhD)

Chairs: Raef Albugami - University of Birmingham, UK
Fane Mensah - University College London, UK

Introduction:   Helen Collins - King's College London, UK

12:30  Defining the immunomodulatory effects of IMM-101: a promising co-therapy for cancer
Alicia Galdon - University of Manchester, UK
12:40  Jagged1 (Jag1) Expressing Skin-resident Regulatory T Cells (Tregs) regulates Epithelial Stem Cell Homeostasis 
Prudence Lui - King's College London, UK
12:50 Single cell profiling of human synovial tissue macrophages in health and resolution of inflammation uncovers populations with distinct homeostatic function 
Lucy Macdonald - University of Glasgow, UK
13:00 Low-dose IL-2 immunotherapy increases regulatory T cell number and function in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Marius Mickunas - King's College London, UK
13:10 Decoding how neutrophils self-organise their migration at sites of tissue damage 
Hugo Poplimont - University of Cambridge, UK
13:20  Rescuing Hepatitis B virus- and tumour-specific T cell responses by modulating cholesterol metabolism
Nathalie Schmidt - University College London, UK
13:30 Tissue-resident B cells orchestrate macrophage phenotype and function in non-lymphoid organs 
Ondrej Suchanek - University of Cambridge, UK
13:40  Lymphoid stress-surveillance (LSS) regulates epithelial IL-33 and supports tissue homeostasis via ST2+TReg 
Sophie Ward - Imperial College London, UK
13:50  Butyrophilin-like proteins are γδTCR selecting ligands distinct from antigens 
Iva Zlatareva - King's College London, UK

Brights Sparks in Immunology (Postdoc)

Chairs: Louise Hosie - The Francis Crick Institute, UK
Laura Pallett - University College London, UK

Introduction:   Helen Collins - King's College London, UK

14:30 Airway macrophage-intrinsic TGF-β1 signalling controls pulmonary mononuclear phagocyte accumulation and type 2 immunity during neonatal allergen exposure
William Branchett - Imperial College London, UK
14:40 Type I interferons modulate the bioenergetic fitness of CD8+ T cells in lupus patients 
Norzawani Buang - Imperial College London, UK
14:50 Therapeutically targeting pulmonary regulatory pathways during respiratory bacterial infections 
Joshua Casulli - University of Manchester, UK
15:00 Eosinophils: Essential regulators of thymus regeneration 
Emilie J Cosway – University of Birmingham, UK
15:10 Senescent fibroblasts accumulate in the dermis of human skin and contribute to cutaneous immune ageing
Oliver Devine - University College London, UK
15:20  Shifting podoplanin functions on lymph node fibroblasts through membrane binding partners CD44 and tetraspanin CD9
Lotte de Winde - University College London, UK
15:30  Light-entrained and brain-tuned circadian circuits regulate ILC3 and gut homeostasis
Rita Domingues - University of Manchester, UK
15:40 CD200R1 is critical for the development of IL-17-producing γδ T cells 
Shafqat Ahrar Jaigirdar - University of Manchester, UK
15:50  Investigating the metabolic profile of hyperresponsive intestinal macrophages induced by antibiotic-disruption of the gut microbiome 
Nicholas Scott - University of Manchester, UK

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