Information for chairs

Session chairs play a vital role in the smooth running and timely management of the conference programme.

We appreciate the efforts of the sessions chairs to facilitate the presentations and this information is provided as guidance to ensure that chairs can run sessions effectively. Please remember that keeping the session running to time is of paramount importance, equipment to facilitate the timing and running of the sessions will be provided.

Prior to the conference, session chairs should familiarise themselves with the session timings, presentations and abstracts. Chairs are also encouraged to read the presenter guidelines and relevant online invited speaker profiles.

At the Congress, session chairs can;

  • Visit the BSI registration desk for onsite and programme queries.
  • Check the programme for changes.
  • Visit the speaker preview room or the BSI registration desk for technical queries.
  • Locate their session room to familiarise themselves with the location and layout.

Prior to session;

  • Meet with the technicians located in the session rooms.
  • Meet with speakers in the session room 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and in the session break.
  • Ask the speakers to check that they are happy with equipment and facilitate support from the technicians as required.
  • Ask speakers to test microphones to check that the audio can be heard throughout the room. Test laser pointers and wireless presenters.
  • Check that given programme details for introducing the speakers are correct (name, affiliation and presentation titles).
  • Remind speakers of their talk times and confirm the method you will use to notify them when they are nearing their time limit and how you will interrupt them if they reach their allotted time.
  • Be prepared to ask questions of the speakers to prompt audience discussion during the Q&A.

During the session;

  • Ensure that session starts on time.
  • Introduce the session, by highlighting the presentations and speakers.
  • Briefly introduce the speakers to the audience before they begin their presentation.
  • Ensure presentations run to time by recording and monitoring the duration of presentations.
  • Facilitate appropriate questions and discussion within the allotted times. If all time has expired for a speaker, it is acceptable to ask the audience to ask the speaker questions at the end of the session.

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Abstract Submission Deadline
9 September 2019

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11 October 2019

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25 October 2019

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