Invited Speakers

 Tuesday 3 December

B cell activation and differentiation
  • Michelle Linterman - Babraham Institute, UK
  • Kai-Michael Toellner - University of Birmingham, UK
Immune recognition of microbiota species 
  • Nadine Bensussan - Institut IMAGINE-INSERM, France
  • Charles Elson - University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Immune surveillance and lymphoid tissue architecture
  • Jose Borghans - University of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Lonneke Vervelde - University of Edinburgh, UK
Immunotherapy in autoimmunity: Finding the perfect reset button
Monocyte and macrophage regulation of immune homoeostasis and inflammation
  • John Grainger - University of Manchester, UK
  • Martin Guilliams - VIB, Belgium
  • Muzlifah Haniffa - Newcastle University, UK
  • Irina Udlova - University of Oxford, UK
The role of mutated and non-mutated proteins in cancer immunity
  • Olivera Finn - University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Andy Godkin - Cardiff University, UK
  • Christian Ottensmeier - University of Southampton, UK
  • Stefan Stevanović - University of Tübingen, Germany
Stromal-immune cell cross-talk
  • Sophie Acton - University College London, UK
  • Alan Ramsay - King's College London, UK

 Wednesday 4 December

Common themes in cancer and inflammatory disease
Imaging leukocyte dynamics
  • Andrés Hidalgo - CNIC, Spain
  • Cristina Lo Celso - Imperial College London, UK
Immunotherapy and neurological disease
  • Patrick Downey - UCB, Belgium
  • Jessica Teeling - University of Southampton, UK
Inflammation of mucosal barriers
Inhibitory immune receptors and new immunotherapies
Metabolism, migration and autoimmunity
New developments in neuroimmunology
T cells in human health and disease
  • Federica Sallusto - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Andy Sewell - Cardiff University, UK
Translational Immunology – highlighting academic research in partnership with industry
  • TBA
  • TBA

 Thursday 5 December

Autoimmunity: Natural and man-made
  • Kevan Herold - Yale University, USA
  • Lucy Walker - University College London, UK
Defining antibody diversity in protective immune responses
  • Simon Draper - University of Oxford, UK
  • John Hammond - Pirbright Institute, UK
Emerging functions of non-classical lymphocytes
  • Matthew Hepworth - University of Manchester, UK
  • Viki Male - Imperial College London, UK
  • Chiara Romagnani - DRFZ, Germany
  • Jessica Strid - Imperial College London, UK
Immune cell metabolic pathways as targets in disease
  • Hal Drakesmith - University of Oxford, UK
  • Christoph Hess - University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Lydia Lynch - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Georgia Perona-Wright - University of Glasgow, UK
Leukocyte trafficking during infection, inflammation and cancer
Network interactions: bringing together immunology and neuroscience
  • Jonathan Cavanagh - University of Glasgow, UK
  • Camilla Svensson - Karolinska, Sweden
Pattern recognition in inflammation: From mechanisms to therapy
Understanding immune responses to improve vaccine design
  • Seph Borrow - University of Oxford, UK
  • Rene Raeven - Intravacc, Netherlands

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