British Society for Immunology Congress 2017 | 4 - 7 December, Brighton UK

Tracy Hussell

University of Manchester, UK

Professor Tracy Hussell relocated to the University of Manchester in 2012 from Imperial College London.  In Manchester she initiated and developed the Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research (MCCIR) with the assistance of significant financial input from leading UK pharmaceutical companies. This centre now houses in excess of 85 academic scientists working on explorative immunology in health and disease. In 2016 Professor Hussell was selected additionally to lead the Domain of Infection, Immunity, Inflammation and Repair that drives the research agenda in these areas across the whole University and its allied NHS Trusts.  Her research examines how innate immune health is retained in the respiratory tract, its modulation by inflammation and long term consequences of persistent alterations, including susceptibility to infection and the development of primary and metastatic lung cancers.  The research group interacts with clinicians and cardiothoracic surgeons in respiratory medicine at Wythenshawe Hospital South Manchester, paediatricians at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and clinical academics at the Christie Hospital. Professor Hussell is currently funded by a Wellcome Trust Investigator award, an MRC strategic award and investment in discovery science from GSK.  In April 2017 she was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.