British Society for Immunology Congress 2017 | 4 - 7 December, Brighton UK

Keynote & plenary speakers


Luke O’Neill, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Keynote: Monday 4 December

Luke O’Neill is Professor of Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin, where he leads an 18 member research team working on the molecular basis to inflammation.  HIs lab works on innate immunity, which lies at the heart of inflammation, with a particular interest in Toll-like receptors, inflammasomes and metabolic reprogramming. He is founder director of 2 companies exploring innate immune targeting, Opsona and Inflazome.  He is also a member of the External Immunology Network at GSK, where he has been a visiting scientist as part of the Catalyst programme, in 2016.

He was awarded the Royal Dublin Society / Irish Times Boyle Medal for scientific excellence in 2009, the Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal for Life Sciences in 2012  and the European Federation of Immunology Societies Medal in 2014.  He was elected a member of EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) in 2005 and a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2016.



Xuetao Cao, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China

Breakfast plenary: Tuesday 5 December


Microbiota and the immune system – symbiosis or dysbiosis

Plenary: Tuesday 5 December
Sponsored by Immunology


Inflammation and immune resolution

Plenary: Wednesday 6 December
Sponsored by Clinical & Experimental Immunology (CEI)


Learning from immunodeficiencies and novel therapeutics in human disease

Plenary: Thursday 7 December
Joint session with UKPIN Conference 2017
  • Claire Booth, University College London, UK
  • Stephen Holland, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA
  • Anne Puel, Imagine Institute of Genetic Diseases, France
  • Helen Lachmann, University College London, UK
  • John Wagstaff, University of Swansea, UK